Your Own Theater With Fmovie

Inequality is an inevitable condition that is apparent worldwide due to the historical occurrences. Colonizers, world wars and trades. These things have affected the lives of people then and now as well. Some are living off the luxury; others are stuck in slums. But, when people are determined, they always got a good alternative to be able to experience the luxuries as well.

If rich people are enjoying their own movie theaters today, you don’t need to envy them because it is possible to make your own house a converted cinema. With a few additions on your chairs and streaming the movie through the fmovies, it will resemble the same as theaters.

Preparation For The Movie

  • Snacks – since you are not restricted with the rules of cinemas that doesn’t allow food that are noisy to eat or has foul smell, you can whip up anything from your kitchen and no one is going to complain about it. Even if you eat spaghetti while watching, it’s definitely fine.
  • Chair or Bed– one of the best things about watching online is that you can watch it in your own place and you can do whatever position will keep you relaxed. Since theaters are public place, you need to follow a certain public behavior and decorum. But, inside your house, you can do anything and even lie down on your bed while watching or sit down on the couch, it doesn’t matter
  • Projector, if necessary – people have different preferences in screens. Some are okay with small screens; others want it to be as big as possible. You can play the movie in a projector, if you have one. Or, if you want to be creative, grab a magnifying lens, a shoe box and your smartphones and it can act as the projector itself.